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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fly fishing weekend

We recently joined the organization Texas Women Fly Fishers.

They have family weekend retreats with lots of fly fishing. We joined them this past weekend in Glen Rose, TX. Here are some photos from our fun weekend.

Waiting for the donkey...

Bunnies!!! Her new favorite.

Monopoly game when the little one went to bed.

In the bathroom getting ready for her first fly fishing adventure.

Washing our hands

Brushing our teeth

Beautiful flowers.


Looking at the fish... Hmmm

Toddler park, swinging

Playing around with the tricycle

Waving to the horse in the field

More waving...

Look Mom, a horse!

Laughing with Karen!!

Brushing our teeth together...

Cabin for the weekend. It was beautiful and stocked with everything and anything.

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Location:Glen Rose, TX

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