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Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's been awhile

Life has been crazy in the Gehrke household. I will try to get updated here.

Kinley is growing fast and has so much personality.

We love to feed our self and won't eat if someone else tries to feed her. She must have her spoon in her hand!

Or we use our hands when it gets too hard.

Still to little for her pink Jeep. One day her little legs will reach the petal and soon enough she will be asking us for the "real" car keys.

Practicing our casting skills with Daddy

Future physician assistant in the making

Helping Brandi eat her dinner

Aunt Brandi = best neighbor ever!!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Funday!

We are so blessed to have this amazing weather. When we talk to our parents in Pennsylvania we hear how cold it is and how much more snow they are calling for.

We enjoyed most of today outside in our beautiful weather. Kinley loves to be outside. We live very close to our local library which has a large duck pond. We took a walk there today and played on the play ground. We saw baby ducks with their mommy and we got to feed them too.

Coloring inside after breakfast.

Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather wherever you are!!

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Mommy's night out

I got to do some painting this past Friday night. We went to Pinot's Palette in Allen, TX. This night we got to paint Van Gogh's Almond Blossom. It was a lot of fun and will probably do it again!

Before. My blank canvas

Finished piece of artwork!

My friend Stacy and I. We met at gymnastics, her little girl is a couple weeks older than Kinley.

Pinot's Palette


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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fly fishing weekend

We recently joined the organization Texas Women Fly Fishers.

They have family weekend retreats with lots of fly fishing. We joined them this past weekend in Glen Rose, TX. Here are some photos from our fun weekend.

Waiting for the donkey...

Bunnies!!! Her new favorite.

Monopoly game when the little one went to bed.

In the bathroom getting ready for her first fly fishing adventure.

Washing our hands

Brushing our teeth

Beautiful flowers.


Looking at the fish... Hmmm

Toddler park, swinging

Playing around with the tricycle

Waving to the horse in the field

More waving...

Look Mom, a horse!

Laughing with Karen!!

Brushing our teeth together...

Cabin for the weekend. It was beautiful and stocked with everything and anything.

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Location:Glen Rose, TX