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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The move...

It's official, I now live in Dallas, Texas (really Farmers Branch, but it's only 5 mins from Dallas)

My sister made the 20hr trip with me in my packed to the brim Subaru. We had a dresser, large wicker hamper, my extra large pink suit case, 2 dogs and some odds and ends. Here's what it looked like when we left Pennsylvania.

And the dogs had a little bit of room too...

It was a long drive. The first day 10 hours till we were in Nashville for the night. We even found a huge park for the doggies!

Here's Bailey being my co-pilot

Enjoying the ride!

Maddie all curled up...

We finally made it to Dallas after what seemed like forever!!

... Now let the unpacking and organizing begin. I start my new job on Monday, more on that later!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Visit to Dallas.

Just got off the plane from Dallas! Lots of unpacking was done... got a new sofa and dresser. Had an interview and even got to lay by the pool for 2 hours. Now I'm exhausted! Ryan is doing well and really enjoying his new job!

New sofa

View of the pool area from our balcony

Spare bathroom

Real barbecue!


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