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Friday, February 17, 2012

The quick version of labor and delivery

December 20th, 2011 - I worked a full day at work.  Went home around 5pm and was having some cramping.  This started to get worse and more frequent so I started timing them.  They were getting closer and closer.  I called Ryan at work and told him to get home. (Ryan now tells me - he didn't think I was in labor and continued to work)  I called him again in 30 mins to see where he was and he was.. still at work.  I tell him I'm serious this pain was getting worse.  I called the OB, they said to come in to be checked. 

Ryan is home... he takes the dogs out while I get the bags ready!  We are off... but Ryan has to stop at McDonalds to get dinner for himself.  Next we get stuck in  rush hour Dallas Tollway traffic.  A 10 minute commute to the hospital turned into 30mins.

7:15pm I register at the hospital. 
8:00pm exam - 5cm dilated and 95% effaced
12:00pm - 10cm dilated and 100% effaced... time to start pushing
*oops, I missed a VERY important part, the EPIDURAL! I got this about 8:30pm and I couldn't have done this without it!

Long story short... Kinley arrived at 3:40am December 21, 2011.

19 inches
8lbs 4oz

Merry Christmas

The best gift ever, we are so blessed!  She is happy and healthy!

Welcome Kinley

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